Are you tired of still hurting from traumatic events in the past?

Sometimes an event that happened to us as a younger person, like childhood abuse, can make our current lives more difficult. It may be harder to get along with other people, lower your self esteem, or cause stress and anxiety. We might feel frustrated that something that happened so long ago can still make us upset, leading us to feel hopeless and trapped.

Thankfully, you don't have to stay trapped in the past. With an experienced, compassionate therapist to help you feel safe and work through what happened in the past, you can get a clearer perspective on the event and move on from it successfully. You don't have to go through this pain alone!

When "little" things in the present remind you of something bad that happened to you in the past, it's time to take the first step toward healing by calling a professional psychologist who understands trauma recovery thoroughly. As a licensed psychologist with personal and professional experience with trauma, I can help. I love to assist trauma survivors in clearing up old traumas so they can move on with their lives. Some of the traumatic events I have worked with include:
  • Childhood physical abuse, incest and sexual abuse;
  • Witnessing or experiencing life-threatening events;
  • Divorces or breakups that are full of conflict;
  • Traumas from natural disasters and accidents;
  • Critical and/or emotionally abusive family members;
  • Serious or chronic illnesses and multiple surgeries;
  • Unfinished grieving of lost loved ones... and more.
Please call today so I can help you start living life in real-time, rather than feeling trapped by what happened before. You are so much more than your pain. My number is 661-233-6771. I look forward to helping you soon. We can get through this together!

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