About Me

I came to this work out of a desire to be of service to my community, for those who have suffered from traumatic events and seem stuck in low self-esteem and negativity. My passion is helping young and old trauma survivors enjoy life again!

Working with people for the past ten or so years, who have chronic and life-threatening conditions, addictions, and who have struggled with anxiety and depression has taught me a lot about what the human spirit can overcome. When people are given a supportive environment and a corrective relationship, people can let down their guard and heal. I believe each of us has amazing healing properties that we don't even know about. In addition I can help people learn new skills to augment and enhance their existing resources. It is my mission to help people find those resources and allow them to flourish, thus making their lives worth living and putting an end to unnecessary suffering. Please read about my experience and training below. I'm happy to answer any specific questions you might have at 661-233-6771.

My Experience

I work primarily with individual adults, but also children as young as five and adolescents as well. In addition to regular talk therapy, I do play therapy, including art and sand play, with children. I am an EMDRIA-certified EMDR therapist and find that this is very helpful in helping people let go of their traumatic incidents from the past. In past jobs I have also done group therapy, collateral work with significant others, other health care providers, and other people involved in my clients' lives. I have also done case management, referrals and advocacy in past agency jobs.

Some of the places I have worked include OMI Family Center, Episcopal Sanctuary, and Walden House in San Francisco; and Kaiser Chemical Dependency Recovery Program in Vallejo. I enjoyed helping adolescens and children at Los Guilucos Juvenile Facility in Santa Rosa as well. I have been in private practice since 2004, and moved to the Antelope Valley from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009.

I have worked with a wide variety of people from various backgrounds, including including African American, Latino/a, and Asian clients. I have seen people who are homeless, low socioeconomic status, as well as middle class and affluent clients. I have worked with clients who are severely mentally ill, dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse, as well as higher-functioning people who have anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. Many of the people with whom I have worked have severe physical challenges as well, including HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, COPD, asthma, blindness, etc. I have worked with many queer-identified people and create a welcoming environment for everyone.

As someone who has health challenges, I understand and appreciate that we all have strengths and we all have things we wish were different about our lives. The specific challenges vary from person to person, but I see my job as to find the common element of suffering, to see it, understand it, hold it, and help you heal it. Through this collaboration we can bring your strengths to the forefront and find a way to triumph over the challenges. I would be honored to help you through what you're struggling with in psychotherapy. Please call me to set up an appointment today, at 661-233-6771.

Please contact me for more information.